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OnlinePresentations.com is dedicated to advancing the art and science of online presentations of every type — from slide deck uploads to live webcasts to interactive video presentations. ¬†These new media are part of a movement that’s dragging Microsoft’s 27-year-old PowerPoint technology into an online, on-demand, video-enabled, mobile, 24/7, anytime/anywhere world — sometimes kicking and screaming, but inevitably nonetheless.

In these pages, we’ll examine the broad range of applications for online presentations, from content marketing to e-learning to sales enablement to corporate and organizational communications.

For more about how we look at online presentations, you might refer to the following two posts:

Founded and edited by internet content pioneer Michael Kolowich, this site is sponsored by KnowledgeVision, the leader in online presentation tools and technology.

Guest contributions are welcome from anyone who has good, relevant advice on how to make presentations more effective online.