Meet the Coach: Teaching Brand New Skills for Video Presentations

5 Bianca Te Rito teaches executives, entrepreneurs, and subject-matter experts how to shine on camera
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The sudden rise in online video presentation popularity has revealed a dark truth: most people don’t know how to act or project themselves well on camera.  People who step in front of a camera to give a presentation for the first time are often shocked by how different it is from a live audience.  Yet a few tips go a long way to making successful video presentations.

Enter Bianca Te Rito — who combines the talents of successful screen actress, savvy marketer, and insightful coach into a unique video presentation coaching practice.

I recently spent some time talking with Bianca, collaborating with her on a couple of webinars we’ll be doing together over the next few months on video presentation skills.  Her passion for the subject is contagious, and her message is clear: “Too many people undermine all their hard work because they don’t know the secrets of how to give a good video performance,” she says.  Bianca believes that projecting yourself effectively on camera is emerging as a vital skill for business leaders in an increasingly video-enabled online world.

One of the most common mistakes Bianca sees is that people fail to see that online video is an intimate medium — not a stage performance.  “Your viewer is generally only an arm’s length away from you on their viewing device,” she points out.  “That’s an intimate distance.”  The kinds of big gestures, movement, and voice projection that are part of presentation training for large audiences just don’t work for the one-viewer-at-a-time experience of video presentations.

Bianca’s website,, is full of insight and tips for video presenters.  And she’s adding new ones all the time.  Among her recent posts:

Of course, many readers of this website are not video presenters themselves, but rather are in the position of getting the best possible performances out of presenters, from executives to product managers to subject-matter experts to corporate trainers.  By subscribing to Bianca’s video presentation tips, you’ll gain insight that will help you be a better coach.  And that will mean the online presentation content you create will be more engaging and effective.



  1. Kirstin lynde / September 29, 2013 at 10:19 pm / Reply

    A whole new skill emerges for execs and anyone else trying to influence others. Ideally online video presentations sell while you sleep ( kind of like the elves did their thing for the cobbler) ….but if you haven’t taken the time to hone your on-camera skills, you’ll wake up in the morning with fewer leads or sales than you could have generated. Love these ideas which will help execs decide what to do at a live podium and what to do on camera for the web.

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  3. Susan McHugh (@SusiQMcHugh) / October 2, 2013 at 10:55 am / Reply

    Looks like great training for the ‘reluctant professor’. I am passing this on to the CEO to give him some ideas.

  4. steven chessin / October 6, 2013 at 8:58 pm / Reply

    Why a text article about how to do video ?

    • Michael Kolowich / October 6, 2013 at 9:09 pm / Reply

      Great question, Steven, and thanks for asking it. The idea of this article was to point the reader to a number of video resources. In fact, most of the links point to “how to” videos. The state of the art in search engines is that they still can’t penetrate into the video itself to allow the videos to be found using text-based searches. So most video content contains BOTH text and video (or at least links to video), like this one does.
      Someday, we’ll get to the point where search engines can search the transcripts of the video. But we aren’t there yet.


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