Preso of the Week: A Fish Story

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When you’ve got a new concept that has a lot of science behind it, nothing tells the full story better than an online presentation.  That’s what Australis Aquaculture is finding as it evangelizes a new way of raising and eating fish.  In the words of Australis’ website:

We’re proud to present Understanding Sustainable Seafood, an 18-minute video that answers today’s important questions about sustainable seafood in a balanced and engaging way.

What makes this presentation interesting to the team is that it’s a hybrid between a traditional video and an online presentation.  Australis worked with a creative services team to alternate between two presenters and plenty of video visuals to tell the story, and used PowerPoint slides to reinforce the key message points, show graphs and statistics, and to illustrate further with diagrams and still images.

Navigation chapters give viewers a clear path through the material.  It lets them know where the presenters are taking them, and a one-click way to review key topics.

Finally, footnotes are used to source original sources and offer the opportunity for further reading and study.


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