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Online presentations are hot, and the techniques for creating and sharing them are evolving rapidly.  Along with my co-author, Brian Underdahl, I’ve created a 48-page e-book called “Online Presentations for Dummies” that gives you all the basics on online presentations, from simple uploads to SlideShare to fully interactive online video presentations with sophisticated tracking.

Here are the topics covered in this free book:

  • The what and why of online presentations
  • Uploading your slide deck to SlideShare
  • Audio narration
  • Video synchronization
  • Chapters, footnotes and widgets
  • Tracking and action-triggering in online presentations
  • Ten ways to make your online presentations sizzle

Oh.  And this book isn’t just for “dummies” — it’s for everyone who wants to bring their business presentations into an online, on-demand, 24/7 world.


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